¿Cómo evitar la rotura del puente térmico con corcho?

La rotura del puente térmico siempre ha sido de vital importancia. Tanto en ventanas, puertas y puntos donde pueda variar la temperatura. ¿Cómo evitar la rotura del puente térmico con corcho?

¿Qué es la rotura térmica? ¿Por qué es tan importante? En carpintería, entre otros, destaca su desarrollo tecnológico. Se utiliza para conseguir el máximo aislamiento térmico, rompiendo así, la vía de escape del calor y frío. Es por ello que utilizando corcho, un material no conductor del calor, entre el perfil exterior e interior de la ventana, evitaremos los cambios bruscos de temperatura. Gracias a ello, conseguiremos un ahorro económico importante al no escaparse el calor en invierno ni el frío en verano.

THERMICORK, el aglomerado negro de corcho expandido, es un material de elevada eficacia en el aislamiento de la transmisión de vibraciones por su elasticidad. Asimismo por su aislamiento térmico y acústico gracias a su bajo coeficiente de conductividad térmica. Por ello, proporciona un ahorro térmico importante.

No hay que olvidar que soporta cargas pesadas y es resistente a grasas, agua y ácidos. Además, es sencillo de transportar e instalar debido a su bajo peso y su fácil manejo. Es sin duda un material ecológico que aporta grandes ventajas a cualquier reforma, construcción o edificación. Es muy respetuoso con el medio ambiente y de larga duración en la conservación de todas sus características.

Con corcho conseguirás beneficios en la rotura térmica, evitarás la condensación, ahorrarás energía y te asegurarás el aislamiento térmico.


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How was the cork house built?

Cork has been used in construction since ancient times. Its capacity for insulation and lightness, as well as its resistance to bad weather, make this material a perfect piece of architecture. The appearance of cork agglomerates makes it possible to have a wide range of materials with specific and defined dimensions for their use. How was the cork house built?

The form of presentation of the cork agglomerates and their fundamental and intrinsic technological characteristics to the raw material, have an origin and explanation in their cellular construction. In other words, this is original and unrepeatable. Above all, cork is a plant tissue formed by cells in the shape of a regular polyhedron with 14 faces grouped in such a way that they do not leave any intercellular space. For instance, these dead cells are found in number of 30 to 40 million per cm3. This completely impermeable fabric would prevent the necessary communication between the living cells of the bast and the atmosphere. To avoid this, the testicular canals are reddish in color due to the oxidation of tannins.

The intercellular membrane has an extraordinary originality and complexity. Each wall that separates two adjacent cells is made up of five intimately joined lamellae of unequal thickness. As a wall, it is common to two cells, so each membrane is actually double.

Thus, it is made up of two outer lamellae of a cellulosic nature. Two thicker lamellae formed in turn by 100 to 150 alternate layers of suberin and wax, as well as a double central lamella that is lignified. The cells are interconnected by tiny channels called plasmodesmata. The different nature of the cellulosic fibers of suberin, wax and lignin, are perfectly arranged to act as a membrane of great tenacity and resistance. All this thanks to cellulose. In addition, it is absolutely waterproof thanks to the wax. Similarly, it has great chemical resistance due to suberin and adequate resistance in the axial direction thanks to lignin.

This description explains the unique characteristics of cork and its technological peculiarities which make it useful if not indispensable in so many applications. In addition, it should be noted that nature has forged a structure that is absolutely irreproducible by artificial means. How could a foamed material with cells formed by lamellae of different nature properly ordered be achieved?


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Is cork the best ally against fires?

Cork is the name given to the bark of the cork oak. A tree that is essentially found in the western Mediterranean where it forms populations called dehesas. Among the many unique characteristics that distinguish it from other trees of its kind, you should know that its ability to naturally regenerate after each extraction of its bark stands out. Is cork the best ally against fires? How does the firewall cork work?

Cork is obtained naturally. The cork oak is in itself a protection against fire. Furthermore, cork has unique properties with a minimal carbon footprint. It is flame resistant without any type of additive or retardant.

It should be noted that it can withstand almost 50 minutes of direct exposure. Likewise, it does not release toxic gases. Cork oak forests reduce the risk of forest fires and are also a great help against desertification. It offers one of the most valuable ecosystems in terms of biodiversity in Europe. This is simply natural cork, so once expanded it becomes a formidable natural fire protection. Not only does it not burn but it also does not emit toxic fumes.

termicork se protegen mutuamente los bunkers y el corcho

That is the reason why we especially recommend Thermicork cork sheets as protection against fire. A small flame causes a small fire which spreads rapidly. The fact that it does not lose its characteristics over time makes it ideal for use in any new building and reform that you want to carry out in all types of construction. These plates will serve as a firewall and protection in your home, thus preventing the spread of flames.


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Do you prefer humidity or our cork solution?

It is often said that there are four types of humidity that can affect your home: accidental, caused by capillarity, condensation or filtration. Each of them will require a different treatment. Do you prefer humidity or our cork solution?

Today, we have the experience and collaboration of different laboratories to analyze humidity and condensation problems as well as solutions to this scenario. First of all, we have to understand why this situation occurs. Secondly, we have to find the most decisive and most economical solution.

aislante corcho

Thanks to our natural and ecological product, you do have an answer to this humidity problem. A positive conclusion that is born of nature itself. A fusion of the natural with the technological that, thanks to the experts, gives you the most interesting option to solve dampness in your home or business.

THERMICORK plates, known for their anti-dampness, are very suitable for covering and preventing dampness in constructions prone to it. The black expanded cork agglomerate, is a highly effective material in isolating the transmission of vibrations due to its elasticity. Also for its thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to its low coefficient of thermal conductivity.

GOTECORK, allows to absorb condensation thanks to its high density in cork grade. Ecological expanded paint insulation provides that highly efficient thermal adjustment that helps prevent humidity and high condensation that cause serious structural problems in our buildings.


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¿Prefieres humedad o solución con corcho?

El corcho es la respuesta positiva anti humedad.

Se suele decir que existen cuatro tipos de humedades que pueden afectar a tu casa: las accidentales, las causadas por capilaridad, por condensación o por filtración. Cada una de ellas requerirá un tratamiento diferente. ¿Prefieres humedad o solución con corcho?

Hoy en día, contamos con la experiencia y la colaboración de diferentes laboratorios para analizar los problemas de humedades y condensación así como las soluciones ante este panorama. Primero de todo, tenemos que entender el porqué se produce esta situación. En segundo lugar, tenemos que hallar la solución más resolutiva y más económica.

Gracias a nuestro producto natural y ecológico, sí tienes una respuesta a este problema de humedades. Una conclusión positiva que nace de la propia naturaleza. Una fusión de lo natural con lo tecnológico que, gracias a los expertos, te dan la opción más interesante para solucionar las humedades en tu vivienda o negocio.

gotecork pintura corcho

Las placas THERMICORK, conocidas por su anti humedad, son muy adecuadas para tapar y prevenir las humedades en caso de construcciones propensas a ellas.

GOTECORK, permite absorber la condensación gracias a su alta densidad en grado de corcho. El aislamiento de pintura expandida ecológica proporciona ese ajuste térmico y de gran eficacia que ayuda a evitar humedades y altas condensaciones que causan graves problemas de estructura a nuestras edificaciones. Entonces, ¿prefieres humedad o solución con corcho?


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Will you see cork stands at IFEMA MADRID fairs?

After our collaboration with the Alimentaria fair, this 2022, at the Fira de Barcelona venue, once again, we return to IFEMA MADRID to collaborate in various fairs that will take place during the months of April and May. You can visit eXperiental Summit, Motortec Madrid, Salón Gourmet or REBUILD among others. Will you see cork stands at IFEMA MADRID fairs?

It has always been said that the best insurance is the one that we do not use. Logically, it is always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. On this occasion, we are not only talking about safety but also about design and acoustics.

The stands, absolute protagonists of all the fairs, continue to be the reference and the staging of the exhibitors. When you are meeting at your stand with a possible client and you try to make it happen, since that is the purpose of the meeting, there are many times when there is too much noise around so the acoustics are complicated.

THERMICORK cork plates offer you several advantages, among them we want to expose two such as acoustics and safety, that is, noise and fire.

On the one hand, you will obtain in your stand the silence that is needed to make the meeting as pleasant as possible, since the cork helps us to reduce surrounding noises, so common at fairs.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that in the event of a fire, it will serve as a firewall in your stand since THERMICORK expanded cork does not burn. Logically, a containment barrier will be created in the event of a possible fire. Likewise, it does not give off any toxic smoke.

In addition, you already know that with cork you can reflect your brand image as there are many decorative options for your stands. What better way to get the attention of your potential customers.

THERMICORK, the black expanded cork agglomerate, is a highly effective material in isolating the transmission of vibrations due to its elasticity. Likewise, for its thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to its low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Therefore, it provides significant thermal savings.

termicork se protegen mutuamente los bunkers y el corcho

This material is easy to transport and install in your stands thanks to its low weight and easy handling. It is undoubtedly an ecological material that brings great advantages to any reform, construction, ephemeral construction or building.

Cork is very respectful with the environment and long lasting in the conservation of all its characteristics. The fact that it does not lose its advantages over time makes it ideal for use in any architectural project or ephemeral architecture such as stands. Will you see cork stands at IFEMA MADRID fairs?


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Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

This week we have moved to the Port of Barcelona to find out about nautical news and its commitment to the environment. Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

Do you want to sail in your cork boat?
Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

The proximity of the ports to urban agglomerations has meant that they have improved their commitment to the environment. The shipping industry must quickly adapt to the new environmental regulations that apply to ships and other vessels. Specifically to the new and strict emission limits for polluting gases and particles. For this reason, ports must adapt to this new commercial context and environmental regulations, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their services.

More and more ships sail with cork covers. Among other features we want to highlight that it is non-slip. Apart from being decorative, it looks nice on sea vessels and has many advantages. Cork is a very light product so it contributes to the total weight of the boat.

Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

In order to improve, many boatbuilding and engineering companies ask us how to achieve better results on the high seas. CORCHO EXTREMADURA research team, always happy with the support of the different laboratories and universities with which we collaborate, set itself the challenge of presenting optimal nautical proposals.

Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

Do you know that expanded cork does not burn? This is an important maritime advantage since in case of fire on the high seas we will be protected. It is always important to know that you can move to that part of the ship, be it bow or stern, where there is expanded cork, to wait for the rescue teams with the most chances of success.

Also, do you know that the cork floats? This is interesting because in the event of an impact in a marine environment if you are adrift in the sea, the fiber could break so you would have a leak with the consequent result of the ship sinking. The ratio of buoyant and insulating materials in your boat is always something to consider.

¿Quieres navegar en tu barco de corcho?
Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

Since cork floats, why not coat or fill those parts of the boat where breakage is most likely to be common. Security while browsing should be one of your important points. From life jackets made of cotton mixed with foam, among others, cork continues to be an outstanding material in the manufacture of this type of product.

Do you want to sail on your cork boat this summer?


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¿Prefieres ERTE, teletrabajar o tu oficina de corcho?

¿Sabías que el corcho ya se conocía desde el Imperio Romano?. Lo utilizaban para tapar las ánforas con un trozo de corteza de alcornoque envuelto en brea o resina. El corcho es un producto ecológico ibérico. Siendo una apuesta perfecta desde la antigüedad y a lo largo de los años por sus diferentes usos, toma hoy especial relevancia por el constante aumento de los diferentes materiales utilizados en la construcción y decoración por ejemplo de oficinas. ¿Prefieres ERTE, teletrabajar o tu oficina de corcho?

Hoy en día, son muchas las empresas que quieren en sus oficinas el bienestar de sus trabajadores. Por supuesto, el abanico de opciones para conseguirlo son infinitas y nosotros queremos recordarte la opción térmica y climática. ¿Cuántas veces no has estado de acuerdo con la temperatura de tu oficina? Mejor no recordarte los distintos puntos de vista de la gente que trabaja en tu oficina acerca de si hay que bajar o subir la calefacción o el aire acondicionado. Esta «discusión» eterna entre compañeros y compañeras podemos solucionarla gracias a un material natural y ecológico.


También, el encarecimiento del día a día, hace necesario plantearse otras opciones distintas de las usadas habitualmente hasta ahora en la elección de los materiales. Sin ver una solución a corto plazo, por ejemplo con el precio de la luz, sabes que hay otras opciones para reducir tu factura.

Un mejor aislamiento gracias al corcho te dará la oportunidad de no depender de calefactores o aires acondicionados cuando te sean necesario. Así conseguirás una reducción de la factura de la luz. El confort del corcho se sumará a tu bienestar cuando llegue final de mes.

termicork se protegen mutuamente los bunkers y el corcho

La baja conductividad térmica y la resistencia a la humedad del corcho, lo convierten en una buena opción para revestir paredes y suelos. El corcho es un aislante térmico y sonoro muy eficaz que, además, tiene una producción muy sostenible y, una vez instalado, requiere de muy poco mantenimiento. Se puede comercializar por ejemplo en paneles, losetas, planchas y rollos. Además, admite que se le pueda dar un uso decorativo.

prefieres erte, teletrabajar o tu oficina de corcho

La ventaja del corcho es que al fabricarse en la península ibérica tendrá un transporte más ágil ya que no tendrás que esperar tu material de construcción para tu oficina desde otros países más lejanos. Con ello, nos sumamos a una menor contaminación de nuestro planeta y como siempre apostamos por materiales ecológicos. Y tú, ¿prefieres ERTE, teletrabajar o tu oficina de corcho?


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What cork panel do you use to cover your walls?

Wall cladding is increasingly popular in architecture and interior decoration due to its many advantages. This layer or cover, which is placed on the wall for protection or decorative purposes, allows a range of different options. Thus, you can use it both on interior walls and building facades. What cork panel do you use to cover your walls?

What cork panel do you use to cover your walls? que panel de corcho usas para el revestimiento de tus paredes?

Leaving behind the traditional option of just painting a wall, cladding allows us to achieve unique textures and volumes. Of course you have to remember that apart from the decorative factor, you can achieve your structural and functional purpose.

Some of the best-known examples of cladding would be ceramics, tiles, marble, wood, natural stone or glass, among others. However, if you prefer a natural and ecological option, the best choice for your wall covering is cork.

As you already know, cork is an ecological and renewable material. In addition, it allows the manufacture of cork panels bonded with its own resin through a firing process. Depending on the type of panel, this firing will be at a higher or lower temperature.

What cork panel do you use to cover your walls?  que panel de corcho usas para el revestimiento de tus paredes?

Cork panels are rigid so their placement is simple and practical. Cork cladding therefore minimizes the chances of errors when you choose to clad your walls. It also minimizes possible thermal bridges for this reason.

In addition, cork is sold in different forms: panels, sheets, blocks, granulated or ground, among others. This allows you the option of using an entire cork panel for your cladding or combining cork with another material.

Sustainable architecture is one that is very aware of the impact that the building will have throughout its life cycle. From its beginning with its construction, going through its day to day and its final demolition. We must not forget the importance of optimizing resources and materials. Nor the decrease in energy consumption and use of renewable energies as well as the reduction of emissions and waste. And you, what cork panel will you use to cover your walls?


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Which celebrity from the MET Gala has projected cork in her house?

The MET Gala, or the Costume Institute Gala, is a charity event. This act kicks off the annual fashion exhibition of the Dress Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Which celebrity from the MET Gala has projected cork in her house?

The MET Gala is an annual celebration. This event stands out for its unique and different themes. All of them selected and dedicated to the most outstanding peak of the industry. Similarly, for its infinity of incredible suits, evening dresses and fantastic accessories.

What is the theme of the MET Gala to be held next Monday, May 2, 2022? This year the theme of the MET Gala will be «In America, a fashion anthology«. An exhibition that will take place in two parts organized by the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the United States.

How many of the celebrities attending the MET gala have a cork at home?

When cork was invented to protect outdoor wood, it was a magnificent product. The objective was a natural insulator of different resins mixed with first quality cork. Later, this product gained fame and began to be used not only for wood but for other materials. Protection against rain and humidity was gaining ground, thus becoming more of a protagonist.

Like any good product, bad imitations began. Therefore, anyone with a gun of more than three bars, dared to work the so-called projected cork. Several years have passed since its invention and they are being used in different qualities in paint.

Our philosophy (CORCHO EXTREMADURA) is to recover and improve this product. Betting on top quality cork and natural as well as ecological resins. Our reality is to turn cork into a coating called sate. Thus, we have achieved in different European and American projects that expanded cork and the Gotecork coating are paramount. This ecological and natural product is insulating, anti-rain and has a high protection against insects.

This option is endorsed by different European and American regulations. Projected cork should not fall into the hands of anyone who simply mixes paint with cork granules of different qualities.

It is also important to note that, apart from the product being top quality, the placement of these materials should be entrusted to professionals. With this, we can guarantee that in the next ten or fifteen years we will not have any problems in our home.

sabes que famosa asistente a la met gala tiene casa de corcho

We were not the first but we have recovered the spirit of this magnificent product. Today, it is already endorsed by different European and American standards as well as great architects who continue to trust us. Do you know which famous attendee of the next MET Gala has a projected cork at home?


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