Which cork granulate is the best for a soccer field?

Professional soccer fields around the world and especially in Europe are beginning to have more granulated cork under their turf. Which cork granulate is the best for a soccer field?

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The soccer players are very grateful to the new signing called cork, with which the current grass is being replaced with this ecological material. The properties of absorption, use and avoid using toxic materials such as rubber please them.

Wembley Stadium is known to be one of the most modern football stadiums today. Its lawn is considered one of the best in Europe. The Champions League and first division matches are becoming more and more popular. Day by day, the king of sports moves a lot of money and that is why until now we have focused on the grass but not on what is under it.

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Our granulate, offers you qualities approved by the UEFA so that this ecological and healthy material obtains good results and zero infections for the players. Likewise, it is a material that offers the grass greater consistency and durability. It does not emit any toxic emissions in case of rain.

An ecological option that is contemplated when incorporating it into soccer fields was the olive stone. These, as an alternative to other synthetic materials. However, the choice of olive stone does not present the same absorption in the tread than cork. Being the result of the first firm and hard, the second, on the other hand, cushions the player’s stride. Another key point, a lower percentage of muscle injuries is achieved and a better game minute by minute, even on penalties.

In addition to football, there are other sports that are already set in this material, such as tennis courts. (more info).

The advantages of granulated cork are, among others, the reduction of slips, thermal capacity and durability in matches without having problems of falls. But it is still soccer and sports with grass fields where its use is greater. In the USA and on its American football, baseball and other fields, new granulated cork floors are being installed.

In sports, we have seen that this natural material is also an outlet and is increasingly valued. Evidently, the ecology provided by this material is also important for health and for the proper use of sport in its facilities, providing its “cork” grain for its good enjoyment. Which cork granulate is the best for a soccer field?


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