Do you prefer the minimalist, ethnic, nordic or cork style?

Dedicated to you, decorator. Always with artistic and often innovative ideas. Do you dare to create an exclusive space with cork? Do you prefer the minimalist, ethnic, nordic or cork style?

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Until recently, when you wanted to insulate a wall to protect yourself from noise and the weather, the question was whether to choose cork or another material. The lack of variety in colors and finishes made the choice very easy, focusing on the natural color of the cork. Therefore, if you wanted a visual finish of a different tone, you had to paint over it. This additional painting added cost and time.

Now, you have the solution for finishes with different pigments, saving you the paint coat phase. You can opt for cork plates with unique, enveloping, different and above all colorful designs.

These designs, far from the traditional natural color, offer you a very practical concept. Cork sheets combine the advantage of insulation and the plus of beauty in the finish. You will be able to choose between different color options, so it is up to you to present your customers with the different color options.


Expanded cork sheets are your ideal solution to improve insulation and decoration. In addition, you will have a sustainable construction. Likewise, you will decorate with a 100% natural product, with mechanical stability and A+ indoor air quality.

The advantage of cork and its new finishes, apart from the traditional natural tone, is that it fits into most decorative styles. If you like the classic, industrial, wabi-sabi, japanese or provençal style, you will be able to find your colored cork pieces that fit the desired environment. Do you prefer the minimalist, ethnic, nordic or cork style?


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Do you want to rehabilitate your habitual residence with cork?

Now that you will have a few days to yourself, it is the perfect time to renovate that part of your habitual residence that was pending. We know the rehabilitation of housing as that constructive or building action that is carried out to improve certain conditions of the property. Some of them may be of habitability or constructive and structural safety. Also protection against the appearance of water and humidity or accessibility. Do you want to rehabilitate your habitual residence with cork?

Do you want to rehabilitate your habitual residence with cork?

In the case of rehabilitation of buildings or offices, we will have a much larger work with the aim of adapting the property to new functionalities and uses. Whether they are changes inside or outside the property, such as your façade, you will always have several options for the use of cork.

We offer you cork panels for both floor, wall or ceiling. On the one hand, you will obtain the intrinsic characteristics of this ecological material, such as its thermal and acoustic insulation. Also its high resistance to fats, water and acids, among others. On the other hand, you can opt for a sustainable, original and different interior design. Cork is increasingly recommended by decorators and interior designers both nationally and internationally.

THERMICORK, the black expanded cork agglomerate, is a highly effective material in isolating the transmission of vibrations due to its elasticity. Also for its thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to its low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Therefore, it provides significant thermal savings.

Do you want to rehabilitate your habitual residence with cork?

If you are one of the people who prefers a different and ecological interior design, do not miss the wide range of options that cork offers you. Do you prefer wall coverings or floor coverings? Do you want to rehabilitate your home with cork?



Insulation of buildings with cork
Ecology, anti-humidity, acoustic, thermal
High-quality projected cork
Advice for construction of apartments and houses

Technical specifications of cork sheets Panel measurements: 50 × 100 cm. Panel thicknesses: various measurements from 2 cm to 12-14 cm approximately. Density: from 100 to 150 kg / m³ Thermal conductivity coefficient: between 0.036 and 0.041 W / mK.

More about it, its Cork coverings are a more than interesting option to decorate walls. Thanks to the ease of working with cork and the amount of product with which it can be combined, among which varnishes, stains and paints stand out, the possibilities are much more than what is usually thought. On the one hand, cork coverings can be found in very different textures, from smooth and smooth finishes to more raw ones. that is also easy to find it in natural or waxed finishes, with this last option achieving the natural contrasts of this raw material, in addition to achieving some protection.

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Suelos de Corcho (ventajas y propiedades)

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planchas de corcho, construcción

El uso de SUELOS DE CORCHO como alternativa ecológica en la gracias a las ventajas que ofrecen, las cuales superan en numero a las posibles desventajas de este producto ecológico y sostenible.

Estéticamente los suelos de corcho tienen la versatilidad de ofrecer una apariencia rustica y aplicando diferentes acabados y aspectos.

Los suelos de corcho los tenemos de tipo laminado(común en el aislamiento térmico o acústico de paredes), como placas, losetas(multicapa, aglomerado, pavimento flotante) entre otros


  • Fácil instalación sencilla y rápida.
  • Material ecológico y sostenible.
  • Propiedades aislantes térmico y acústico.
  • Antideslizantes y maleables.

Productos Derivados del Corcho

corcho proyectado


Los  usos donde se puede  emplear el corcho proyectado son:

  • Reparación de Goteras: su uso en tejados y techo para la reparación de goteras es más común de lo que se puede llegar a pensar.
  • Impermeabilización Exterior e Interior: usado para evitar humedades e impermeabilizar terrazas, fachadas o cualquier superficie exterior.
  • Aislamiento térmico: las propiedades aislantes hacen que sea empleado en la construcción para aislar elementos como puertas y ventanas.

Corcho proyectado

El corcho proyectado es un producto obtenido mediante la mezcla de  varios tipos de componentes tales como polvo de corcho, resinas, agua y grasas vegetales.

Mediante este complejo proceso de producción del corcho proyectado se consigue un material elastico, flexible, con resistencia térmica, antihongos e inalterable en el tiempo.



  • ecológico.
  • Impermeable.
  • Elimina humedades y condensaciones.
  • Actúa como aislante térmico y acústico.
  • Ahorro energético.
  • No es tóxico.
  • No contiene siliconas ni disolventes
  • Muy ligero
  • Empleado como material decorativo

Productos de Corcho (planchas de corcho)


El corcho es el producto de origen 100% natural  que presenta la mayor capacidad aislante. 

Las planchas de corcho aglomerado son un producto  natural que ha sufrido un proceso térmico de tostado.

Durante el  proceso de tostado de las planchas de corcho se incrementan las características aislantes del corcho.

Nuestras planchas aislantes presentan una alta flexibilidad y homogeneidad, así como una superficie  lisa y resistencia al astillado.



Cork is the product of 100% natural origin that has the highest insulating capacity.

The agglomerated cork sheets are a natural product that has gone through a thermal toasting process.

During the roasting process, the cork sheets increase the insulating characteristics of the cork.

Our insulating boards have a high flexibility and homogeneity, as well as a smooth surface and resistance to chipping.


Corcho Proyectado (precios)

El corcho proyectado.

Un sistema de impermeabilizante y aislante para fachadas y cubiertas. Producto cuyo uso esta en alza debido a sus múltiples ventajas.

The projected cork.
A system of waterproofing and insulation for facades and roofs. Product whose use is on the rise due to its many advantages.


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aislamiento Acústico/Térmico


  • Este producto ecológico es poco conocido por un gran sector  los industriales de la construcción.

  • Aplicación de bajo coste con respecto a otros tratamientos constructivos.

  • Una larga durabilidad y,  un mínimo de molestias al usuario.

  • Se aplica como a una pintura de proyección, por tanto no es una técnica invasiva,

  • No genera residuos de la construcción (excepto los mínimos que provienen del saneado previo imprescindible).CONSULTA NUESTROS PRECIOS!!


  • This ecological product is little known by a large sector of construction industry.

  •  Low cost application with respect to other construction treatments.

  •  A long durability and a minimum of discomfort to the user.

  • It is applied as a projection paint, therefore it is not an invasive technique,

  • Does not generate construction waste (except the minimums that come from the

  • previous essential cleaning).


El Corcho en la Construcción (Cork in Construction)


corcho proyectado, corcho negro, corcho expandido, placas de corcho precios, corcho negro aglomerado

Material de construcción sostenible  que ofrece una multitud de usos y de propiedades, en especial en cuanto a terminaciones interiores o materiales aislantes tanto acústicos como térmicos.                                                                                                                    El corcho, un material natural, renovable, reciclable, sano e inocuo para la salud, y ofrece una superficie cálida y resistente. Es en la arquitectura ecológica, para construir viviendas y edificios sostenibles.                                                                            Las planchas aglomeradas de corcho se  puede utilizar para el revestimiento de paredes que pueden servir para el aislamiento acústico o bien para aislamiento térmico.

Sustainable construction material that offers a multitude of uses and properties, especially in terms of interior finishes or insulating materials, both acoustic and thermal.

Cork, a natural, renewable, recyclable, healthy and harmless material for health, and offers a warm and resistant surface. It is in ecological architecture, to build sustainable housing and buildings.

Cork agglomerated sheets can be used for wall covering that can be used for sound insulation or for thermal insulation.




Cork for buildings.

Cork for buildings. We are experts in construction, insulation, ecological, thermal. Cork. Consult our experts. Technical service around the world


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