Back to school with cork!

After the request of several public administrations for us to develop a project with cork for playgrounds and gardens, our team has achieved it. Back to school with cork!

Image: Amusement Logic

The problem in many playgrounds for children is that they break easily after daily use and external exposure. The swings, the nets, the slides and all the furniture need special attention and maintenance. When leaving school, they are usually one of the destinations most requested by children, so it is important to pay special attention to them.

The rubbers on the floors, after the game and the races of the little ones, tear, spoil and can even cause accidents. Many public administrations, concerned about the well-being of the little ones, have tried various options. Artificial grass, rubber carpeting, pressed concrete, polystyrene carpet, among other non-ecological options. However, it seemed that something safe and lasting had not just been found.

Image: Port Tarragona

The contribution of cork in these recreational sites has already been tried and tested with very good results. The basic advantage lies in its sustainability, its resistance and its relatively soft touch. Your answer consists of an ISO approved concrete mix mixed with granulated cork specially treated for this case and mixed with a 125-160 density resin.

In addition, once the product is installed, a very good visual reaction is achieved. Being able to finish it in several colors, it adapts perfectly to the requested optical result. When playing on this surface, it offers a reaction to the touch like a kind of carpet. Also, it is very hard against jumps and inclement weather.

Every year, cities and towns reform and inaugurate new playgrounds. As in the city of Mérida, which at the end of this year, will have eight new recreational spaces for the little ones.

The bark of the cork oak, which is a natural and ecological material, protects children against possible external infections. In this new course, going back to school with a cork is already a reality.


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How to protect children from the heat in schools?

These days of intense heat we see complaints, especially in schools, about the high temperatures. Teachers warn that children cannot withstand temperatures above 35 degrees in classrooms as it is harmful to them. How to protect children from the heat in schools?

Logically, this is applicable to any place where we do not have air conditioning. Two aspects should be highlighted when turning on the air conditioning, such as pollution and the electricity bill. That is why we want to remind you that there is an ecological product that is an ally when it comes to being protected against heat.

THERMICORK is a perfect thermal insulator. THERMICORK, neither goes above 0 degrees nor goes above 30 degrees. No matter how hot it is outside, it becomes a perfect ally to be protected from these high temperatures.

THERMICORK, the black expanded cork agglomerate, is a highly effective material in isolating the transmission of vibrations due to its elasticity. Also for its thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to its low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Therefore, it provides significant thermal savings. It is very respectful with the environment and long lasting in the conservation of all its characteristics.

If you install this product you will not be complaining about this heat. In addition, if you isolate with cork you will improve the temperature of your space and reduce your electricity bill. Will you leave it for next year?


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