Differences between cork and cork projected for your EIFS

There is some confusion between choosing cork or cork projected. We want to give you a little clarification. Which cork option is the best for your EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System)? There are different solutions so it will depend on their use. Differences between cork and cork projected for your EIFS:

On the one hand, if you are looking for a cork insulator such as expanded cork boards, the optimal option, so that they insulate well, we recommend a minimum thickness of 40-50 mm. This measurement will depend on the area or country where you are going to place them. You already know that the weather varies, and a lot, depending on your location. Likewise, it will also depend on the density of the cork and other technical data. On many occasions, you only look at the price without taking into account what really matters, such as the set of qualities and qualities of the cork.                                             

On the other hand, in the case of sprayed cork (cork projected), even though it is a top-quality material with impeccable results, only 20-25% of the cork volume is applied to the paint. So the percentage of cork is minimal. Thus, if you take into account that the thickness of the spray applies between 3 and 4 mm, we will see how the amount of cork is minimal and the difference is important.

An interesting proposal and perhaps the best one, if we talk about cork, is to put the Thermicork plates first and protect your construction with Gotecork spray. This way you will get exceptional protection and insulation. You will get a unique EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System).

GOTECORK, is your coating made with ecological expanded paint. Cork is a 100% ecological and renewable insulating material. You apply it with a spray gun that is connected to an air compressor. That is, similar to painting.

Therefore it is a non-invasive technique. You can apply it on multiple surfaces such as roofs, terraces, floors, walls, facades, insulation of vans, caravans, among others.

Logically, in the case of the projected it will depend on the quality of the different resins and the paint you use.

That is why we want to highlight the big difference between both options. Two options are not opposed, on the contrary, they fit perfectly.


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