¿Y si El Liceu tuviera suelos de corcho?

Hoy el Gran Teatre del Liceu cumple 175 años. Con gran expectación en la ciudad de Barcelona, se inauguró en 1847 con la sinfonía de Joan Melcior Gomis, el drama Don Fernando el de Antequera de Ventura de la Vega, la cantata en italiano de Joan Cortada y una danza andaluza titulada Rondeña de Josep Jurch. Más adelante el público aplaudió la opera con Anna Bolena. ¿Y si el Liceu tuviera suelos de corcho?

El nuevo Teatro del Liceo, contaba con las instalaciones más actuales de la época y la capacidad más grande de Europa con 3.500 localidades.

¿Y si El Liceu tuviera suelos de corcho?

El corcho está instalado en varios edificios de patrimonio mundial. Es un material duradero que aporta resistencia, ya que son sitios de mucho paso de curiosos, turistas y amantes de lo que ese edificio alberga. Además, las instalaciones de corcho son adecuadas para lograr una adecuación térmica y acústica de esos edificios.

Las edificaciones de corcho combinan un acabado de material natural genuino con una superficie de desgaste duradera que requiere un mantenimiento mínimo. Gracias a ello, puedes conseguir que el suelo sea absorbente, resistente a la presión, cálido y cómodo. Con su increíble composición de 400 millones de células por centímetro cúbico, cada una llena de aire, el corcho inhibe la conducción de la temperatura y el sonido. Por ello, lo que tenemos es un excelente aislante térmico y acústico.

Si quieres lo último en suelo natural, el corcho puede ser una opción adecuada para todas las áreas edificables. El suelo de corcho se puede instalar como un sistema flotante o de pegamento. Está disponible en tablones o azulejos y tiene una gama de diseño con texturas de corcho natural. Además puedes elegir entre una amplia paleta de colores y patrones de diseño.

Sólo tienes que imaginarte tu suelo lujosamente suave, naturalmente cómodo y además de fácil mantenimiento. Raramente la serenidad personal puedes lograrla tan sencillamente. Y lo mejor son los beneficios ambientales que conseguirás pisando tu suelo ecológico.

Cuando se inauguró El Gran Teatro del Liceo, las instalaciones más modernas de la época operaban en él. ¿Se conocían los suelos de corcho en 1847? ¿Te gustaría saber más sobre tu próximo suelo de corcho?


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Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

This week we have moved to the Port of Barcelona to find out about nautical news and its commitment to the environment. Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

Do you want to sail in your cork boat?
Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

The proximity of the ports to urban agglomerations has meant that they have improved their commitment to the environment. The shipping industry must quickly adapt to the new environmental regulations that apply to ships and other vessels. Specifically to the new and strict emission limits for polluting gases and particles. For this reason, ports must adapt to this new commercial context and environmental regulations, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their services.

More and more ships sail with cork covers. Among other features we want to highlight that it is non-slip. Apart from being decorative, it looks nice on sea vessels and has many advantages. Cork is a very light product so it contributes to the total weight of the boat.

Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

In order to improve, many boatbuilding and engineering companies ask us how to achieve better results on the high seas. CORCHO EXTREMADURA research team, always happy with the support of the different laboratories and universities with which we collaborate, set itself the challenge of presenting optimal nautical proposals.

Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

Do you know that expanded cork does not burn? This is an important maritime advantage since in case of fire on the high seas we will be protected. It is always important to know that you can move to that part of the ship, be it bow or stern, where there is expanded cork, to wait for the rescue teams with the most chances of success.

Also, do you know that the cork floats? This is interesting because in the event of an impact in a marine environment if you are adrift in the sea, the fiber could break so you would have a leak with the consequent result of the ship sinking. The ratio of buoyant and insulating materials in your boat is always something to consider.

¿Quieres navegar en tu barco de corcho?
Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

Since cork floats, why not coat or fill those parts of the boat where breakage is most likely to be common. Security while browsing should be one of your important points. From life jackets made of cotton mixed with foam, among others, cork continues to be an outstanding material in the manufacture of this type of product.

Do you want to sail on your cork boat this summer?


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Will Rafa Nadal play tennis on the cork court this Conde Godó Trophy?

On April 16, 2022, the 69th Conde de Godó Tennis Trophy will begin in Barcelona (Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell). If you are a tennis lover, it is undoubtedly an event that you cannot miss. Will Rafa Nadal play tennis on the cork court this Conde Godó Trophy in Barcelona?

This year you will be able to see players like Rafa Nadal, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Andrey Rublev and Diego Schwartzman among others on the tennis courts.

rafa nadal pista de tenis corcho extremadura

On the other hand, you can stay at the SOFIA Barcelona in The Unbound Collection by HYATT hotel for its luxurious facilities and its proximity to the Real Club de Tenis de Barcelona.

As on previous occasions, this 2022, it is the official hotel of the Tournament. If you’re lucky, you may come across one of your favorite players in the hotel lobby.

will rafa nadal play on the cork court this conde de godo trophy? ¿Jugará Rafa Nadal en pista de corcho este 69º Trofeo Conde de Godó de tenis en Barcelona?

If you are looking for something more than design and technology, this hotel will captivate you. The difference is made by the finishes. If you long to take your breath away as you take in the views from your window, SOFIA Barcelona in The Unbound Collection by HYATT is what you’ve always wanted.

After enjoying a day of tennis matches or the Village, a mandatory break when returning to the hotel will be the SOFIA OASIS Wellness & Spa.

hotel sofia in the unbound collecti

A priori, cork and tennis do not seem to have any connection since they are totally different references. Nothing is further from reality.

For some time, in collaboration with different national and international universities, the CORCHO EXTREMADURA technical team has been studying how to find floors where any sport improves both grip and flexibility.

tenis corcho extremadura

On the othr hand, broadly speaking, we can play tennis on different types of courts: grass tennis court, clay tennis court, hard or cement tennis court, resin tennis court or artificial grass tennis court. In the near future will it be possible to play on a cork court?

When we talk about tennis at the highest level we try to see how to improve the ground. A court in which a tennis player can be injured can represent a high cost, human first and also economic.

Granulated cork stands out for its density as it is perfect for finishing on the court. Uniform and clean appearance. Expanded cork granules are a by-product obtained during the production of cork agglomerate slabs.

It is a 100% ecological and recyclable product based on a renewable raw material such as cork extraction from the cork oak in its natural life cycle.

In its manufacture, only cork granules are used, which, when subjected to a thermal process, release resin (suberin), which works as a natural binder.

For a long time, the Faculty of Sports Sciences of Cáceres (University of Extremadura), with pioneering technology in Europe, has been studying how to improve tennis courts. However, the options that were considered until recently were with synthetic products.

To date, improvements are already being studied by applying cork mixed with different materials. With this, it will be possible to achieve safer, ecological and durable tennis courts.

The cork, having thousands of air chambers, causes it to flex and expand when stepping on said track. This way of flexing and recovering that the cork has is, without a doubt, ace. Hence the great interest of different laboratories in studying and improving the different cements that until now were perhaps quite limited.

Seeing the achievements that can be obtained on tennis courts, our great interest in collaborating with different public and private organizations to introduce cork in sport is born.

We are already scoring goals in football! Even so, we have to keep moving forward to win sets in tennis. We are getting closer to our match-point!


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Can you imagine a Mobile World Congress 2022 with cork?

This week we travel to Barcelona to attend the Mobile World Congress 2022 #MWC. We are presenting the many advantages that you can achieve with cork for mobile phone covers, laptops, IPADs and much more. Today we are talking about hertzian waves. Can you imagine a Mobile World Congress 2022 with cork?

Our ecological product continues to be connected to the most current technology.

mobile world congress barcelona 2022 corcho extremadura
Creating a better future MWC 2022

Who does not have one or several mobile phones? It is impossible to imagine our day to day life without one of them. We are connected to the whole world thanks to them, but perhaps we should ask ourselves what happens to the different vibrations on the planet that this implies.

The subject of electromagnetic waves seemed somewhat out of the equation since its overall benefit prevailed in our work and personal lives. However, these waves must also be taken into account.

mobile world congress 2022 barcelona corcho extremadura
MWC 2022 Spain

Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range —450-3800MHz in 4G telephony and earlier and 24-80GHz in 5G telephony—. Thus, other wireless systems, such as telecommunications networks, use similar electromagnetic radiation.

The scientific community assures that hertzian waves are waves that propagate in a vacuum at the same speed as light. These waves that we receive through mobile phones affect us, both the brain and the body in general. That is why it continues to be requested that the emissions of mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks and different related devices be regulated.

corcho extremadura con la tecnologia
XIAOMI is a #corklover

Logically, we already know that these regulations are usually slow and complicated to apply. This depends on the different national and international organizations.

That is why we want to draw attention while these control standards are emerging and being updated. Our proposal is to use products that insulate as much as possible. Thus, to achieve greater protection for when these waves reach us through mobile phones.

In our department of scientific research and technological development, we continue to work with an outstanding maxim, which is the protection of the environment.

mobile world congress 2022 barcelona corcho extremadura
#MWC 2022

It is always a pleasure to thank the collaboration of the different national and international universities that lend us their support. Together with them we continue working for a call that connects cork and technology with full coverage.


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