Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

This week we have moved to the Port of Barcelona to find out about nautical news and its commitment to the environment. Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

Do you want to sail in your cork boat?
Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

The proximity of the ports to urban agglomerations has meant that they have improved their commitment to the environment. The shipping industry must quickly adapt to the new environmental regulations that apply to ships and other vessels. Specifically to the new and strict emission limits for polluting gases and particles. For this reason, ports must adapt to this new commercial context and environmental regulations, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their services.

More and more ships sail with cork covers. Among other features we want to highlight that it is non-slip. Apart from being decorative, it looks nice on sea vessels and has many advantages. Cork is a very light product so it contributes to the total weight of the boat.

Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

In order to improve, many boatbuilding and engineering companies ask us how to achieve better results on the high seas. CORCHO EXTREMADURA research team, always happy with the support of the different laboratories and universities with which we collaborate, set itself the challenge of presenting optimal nautical proposals.

Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

Do you know that expanded cork does not burn? This is an important maritime advantage since in case of fire on the high seas we will be protected. It is always important to know that you can move to that part of the ship, be it bow or stern, where there is expanded cork, to wait for the rescue teams with the most chances of success.

Also, do you know that the cork floats? This is interesting because in the event of an impact in a marine environment if you are adrift in the sea, the fiber could break so you would have a leak with the consequent result of the ship sinking. The ratio of buoyant and insulating materials in your boat is always something to consider.

¿Quieres navegar en tu barco de corcho?
Do you want to sail in your cork boat?

Since cork floats, why not coat or fill those parts of the boat where breakage is most likely to be common. Security while browsing should be one of your important points. From life jackets made of cotton mixed with foam, among others, cork continues to be an outstanding material in the manufacture of this type of product.

Do you want to sail on your cork boat this summer?


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