Can you imagine a Mobile World Congress 2022 with cork?

This week we travel to Barcelona to attend the Mobile World Congress 2022 #MWC. We are presenting the many advantages that you can achieve with cork for mobile phone covers, laptops, IPADs and much more. Today we are talking about hertzian waves. Can you imagine a Mobile World Congress 2022 with cork?

Our ecological product continues to be connected to the most current technology.

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Creating a better future MWC 2022

Who does not have one or several mobile phones? It is impossible to imagine our day to day life without one of them. We are connected to the whole world thanks to them, but perhaps we should ask ourselves what happens to the different vibrations on the planet that this implies.

The subject of electromagnetic waves seemed somewhat out of the equation since its overall benefit prevailed in our work and personal lives. However, these waves must also be taken into account.

mobile world congress 2022 barcelona corcho extremadura
MWC 2022 Spain

Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range —450-3800MHz in 4G telephony and earlier and 24-80GHz in 5G telephony—. Thus, other wireless systems, such as telecommunications networks, use similar electromagnetic radiation.

The scientific community assures that hertzian waves are waves that propagate in a vacuum at the same speed as light. These waves that we receive through mobile phones affect us, both the brain and the body in general. That is why it continues to be requested that the emissions of mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks and different related devices be regulated.

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XIAOMI is a #corklover

Logically, we already know that these regulations are usually slow and complicated to apply. This depends on the different national and international organizations.

That is why we want to draw attention while these control standards are emerging and being updated. Our proposal is to use products that insulate as much as possible. Thus, to achieve greater protection for when these waves reach us through mobile phones.

In our department of scientific research and technological development, we continue to work with an outstanding maxim, which is the protection of the environment.

mobile world congress 2022 barcelona corcho extremadura
#MWC 2022

It is always a pleasure to thank the collaboration of the different national and international universities that lend us their support. Together with them we continue working for a call that connects cork and technology with full coverage.


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