Is cork the best ally against fires?

Cork is the name given to the bark of the cork oak. A tree that is essentially found in the western Mediterranean where it forms populations called dehesas. Among the many unique characteristics that distinguish it from other trees of its kind, you should know that its ability to naturally regenerate after each extraction of its bark stands out. Is cork the best ally against fires? How does the firewall cork work?

Cork is obtained naturally. The cork oak is in itself a protection against fire. Furthermore, cork has unique properties with a minimal carbon footprint. It is flame resistant without any type of additive or retardant.

It should be noted that it can withstand almost 50 minutes of direct exposure. Likewise, it does not release toxic gases. Cork oak forests reduce the risk of forest fires and are also a great help against desertification. It offers one of the most valuable ecosystems in terms of biodiversity in Europe. This is simply natural cork, so once expanded it becomes a formidable natural fire protection. Not only does it not burn but it also does not emit toxic fumes.

termicork se protegen mutuamente los bunkers y el corcho

That is the reason why we especially recommend Thermicork cork sheets as protection against fire. A small flame causes a small fire which spreads rapidly. The fact that it does not lose its characteristics over time makes it ideal for use in any new building and reform that you want to carry out in all types of construction. These plates will serve as a firewall and protection in your home, thus preventing the spread of flames.


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