Do bunkers and cork protect each other?

I wish when talking about bunkers only certain places like the Barcelona bunkers (better known as the Carmel bunkers) would come to mind. Site of tourist interest with unique views of the city of Barcelona. However, as we are seeing these days in the news, the reality of today when thinking about bunkers is very different. Do bunkers and cork protect each other?

This post is written with all due respect to the current situation in Eastern Europe.

Cork, as one of the protection materials in bunkers, is the most suitable. If we talk about THERMICORK and its technical advantages, we can underline that it does not burn in the event of fires, it is insulating against extreme temperatures, it is anti-toxic as it does not give off smoke and it is anti-rodent or other insects as they cannot nest thanks to the composition and characteristics of cork.

se protegen mutuamente los bunkers y el corcho

If we speak about the construction of underground shelters, there are endless options and budgets. From the most modest option to luxury bunkers with all the features.



In the current situation in Ukraine we see the importance of bunkers in warfare. Unfortunately, today, they once again have a use that of course nobody would want to depend on them or rather that they were not necessary. This article is to suggest one of the many advantages that cork gives us to protect a bunker and, of course, with our maximum solidarity for the situation is happening in Eastern Europe.

We have been trying different corks to cover the walls for a long time. Cement is cold, which is why we propose placing cork plates on top of it and thus achieve more protection against extreme temperatures and other advantages.

Cork gives us the option of protecting buildings of many types, such as a bunker —from the German bunker, and this from the English bunker: ‘charcoal of a ship’—.

If we talk about a current case, such as the war in Ukraine, we unfortunately see how buildings fall causing destruction and death. For example, we can ask ourselves how bunkers would protect us and what material can be used to make them safer and more comfortable.

The cork protects us from vibrations and radiation. An insulator to be taken into account for its unique characteristics. If unfortunately part of the wall of a bunker falls, the cork coating will decrease in proportion, absorbing part of the danger

As for the low temperatures that we are seeing on television, we cannot forget the lack of heating in many bunkers. That is why we want to give a reference on the insulating quality of cork related to the subject in question.

We hope that better news from Ukraine will reach us as soon as possible.


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