Which celebrity from the MET Gala has projected cork in her house?

The MET Gala, or the Costume Institute Gala, is a charity event. This act kicks off the annual fashion exhibition of the Dress Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Which celebrity from the MET Gala has projected cork in her house?

The MET Gala is an annual celebration. This event stands out for its unique and different themes. All of them selected and dedicated to the most outstanding peak of the industry. Similarly, for its infinity of incredible suits, evening dresses and fantastic accessories.

What is the theme of the MET Gala to be held next Monday, May 2, 2022? This year the theme of the MET Gala will be «In America, a fashion anthology«. An exhibition that will take place in two parts organized by the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the United States.

How many of the celebrities attending the MET gala have a cork at home?

When cork was invented to protect outdoor wood, it was a magnificent product. The objective was a natural insulator of different resins mixed with first quality cork. Later, this product gained fame and began to be used not only for wood but for other materials. Protection against rain and humidity was gaining ground, thus becoming more of a protagonist.

Like any good product, bad imitations began. Therefore, anyone with a gun of more than three bars, dared to work the so-called projected cork. Several years have passed since its invention and they are being used in different qualities in paint.

Our philosophy (CORCHO EXTREMADURA) is to recover and improve this product. Betting on top quality cork and natural as well as ecological resins. Our reality is to turn cork into a coating called sate. Thus, we have achieved in different European and American projects that expanded cork and the Gotecork coating are paramount. This ecological and natural product is insulating, anti-rain and has a high protection against insects.

This option is endorsed by different European and American regulations. Projected cork should not fall into the hands of anyone who simply mixes paint with cork granules of different qualities.

It is also important to note that, apart from the product being top quality, the placement of these materials should be entrusted to professionals. With this, we can guarantee that in the next ten or fifteen years we will not have any problems in our home.

sabes que famosa asistente a la met gala tiene casa de corcho

We were not the first but we have recovered the spirit of this magnificent product. Today, it is already endorsed by different European and American standards as well as great architects who continue to trust us. Do you know which famous attendee of the next MET Gala has a projected cork at home?


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