And the OSCAR goes to… Cork Extremadura?

After many tests with different companies specializing in film sets and scenery, we have achieved a first introduction to some of our products. We have approved the granulate of a very special density and grain size. This can be used in infinite ways. And the OSCAR goes to… Cork Extremadura?


The Dolby Theater in Los Angeles will host the OSCAR 2022 awards gala this coming March 27. Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes will be the presenters of the 94th edition of the awards, in which the public will be able to choose via Twitter his favorite movie and scene of the year. ( Follow us on twitter!)

As a curiosity, cork can visually become, among many other things, snow. How? due to its low weight and density since it is a very light product. Of course, thanks to the magic of cinema. Cork is also an option for other special effects as it can be supplied in different colours.

Did you know that some episodes of the famous Game of Thrones series were shot in Extremadura? The great setting of Game of Thrones in Spain is located more specifically in the Barrueco de Arriba, in Malpartida de Cáceres.

More and more film crews are interested in cork for sets and sets. The differential fact with other products that were already being used was to a large extent that being an ecological product, it has a unique characteristic for its homologation.

Logically it is a beginning since in the cinema it is a little known material. However, more and more producers are advocating the use of ecological and non-polluting materials in their filming.

There are also other options for the construction of decorations such as Thermicork expanded cork plates. These plates that stand out for their lightness will be very present in other film projects.

Low-density agglomerated cork rolls for sub-flooring are mainly used as an impact acoustic attenuator. Before laying the final flooring, the cork is installed on the floor and the final flooring that you want to use is installed on top. The cork will prevent the noise of footsteps, heels or movements of chairs from moving to the lower floor.

The usual thicknesses for this application range between 2 and 4 mm, depending on the characteristics of the home or space, but it is important to bear in mind that the greater the thickness, the greater the attenuation.


Welcome to Hollywood! What if Penelope Cruz, Oscar nominee for best actress, walked the red carpet in a cork dress? We already saw in the TVE1 program «Maestros de la Costura» that it is possible to dress with cork garments.

The cork fabric options are endless and we love that more and more sustainable fashion is booming. There are so many cork options that make this ecological material a great option in our day to day life. We will have to wait until next Sunday, March 27, to see if any actress dares to wear an original and ecological cork design.

If CORCHO EXTREMADURA finally wins the OSCAR for best scenery, special effects, sets or costume design, you’ll be the first to know!


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