Cork Extremadura. Isolation.

The cork provides a thermal and acoustic insulation of a home and is essential to create comfort.

Its low thermal conductivity and its resistance to humidity make it a good option to coat walls and floors. It is a very effective thermal and sound insulator that has a very sustainable production and when it is installed, requires very little maintenance.

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Corcho Extremadura. Aislantes.

El corcho proporciona un  aislamiento térmico y acústico de una vivienda y es fundamental para crear confort.

Su baja conductividad térmica y su resistencia a la humedad lo convierten en una buena opción para revestir paredes y un aislante térmico y sonoro muy eficaz que, tiene una producción muy sostenible y cuando es instalado, requiere de muy poco mantenimiento.

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Products Derived from Cork

corcho proyectado


The uses where the projected cork can be used are:

Leak repair: its use on roofs to repair leaks is more common than you might think.

Exterior and Interior Waterproofing: used to prevent humidity and waterproof terraces, facades or any exterior surface.

Thermal insulation: the insulating properties make it used in construction to insulate elements such as doors and windows.

Projected cork is a product obtained by mixing various types of components such as cork powder, resins, water and vegetable fats. Through this complex process of production of the projected cork is achieved an elastic, flexible material, with thermal resistance, antifungal and unalterable over time.