Will you see cork stands at IFEMA MADRID fairs?

After our collaboration with the Alimentaria fair, this 2022, at the Fira de Barcelona venue, once again, we return to IFEMA MADRID to collaborate in various fairs that will take place during the months of April and May. You can visit eXperiental Summit, Motortec Madrid, Salón Gourmet or REBUILD among others. Will you see cork stands at IFEMA MADRID fairs?

It has always been said that the best insurance is the one that we do not use. Logically, it is always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. On this occasion, we are not only talking about safety but also about design and acoustics.

The stands, absolute protagonists of all the fairs, continue to be the reference and the staging of the exhibitors. When you are meeting at your stand with a possible client and you try to make it happen, since that is the purpose of the meeting, there are many times when there is too much noise around so the acoustics are complicated.

THERMICORK cork plates offer you several advantages, among them we want to expose two such as acoustics and safety, that is, noise and fire.

On the one hand, you will obtain in your stand the silence that is needed to make the meeting as pleasant as possible, since the cork helps us to reduce surrounding noises, so common at fairs.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that in the event of a fire, it will serve as a firewall in your stand since THERMICORK expanded cork does not burn. Logically, a containment barrier will be created in the event of a possible fire. Likewise, it does not give off any toxic smoke.

In addition, you already know that with cork you can reflect your brand image as there are many decorative options for your stands. What better way to get the attention of your potential customers.

THERMICORK, the black expanded cork agglomerate, is a highly effective material in isolating the transmission of vibrations due to its elasticity. Likewise, for its thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to its low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Therefore, it provides significant thermal savings.

termicork se protegen mutuamente los bunkers y el corcho

This material is easy to transport and install in your stands thanks to its low weight and easy handling. It is undoubtedly an ecological material that brings great advantages to any reform, construction, ephemeral construction or building.

Cork is very respectful with the environment and long lasting in the conservation of all its characteristics. The fact that it does not lose its advantages over time makes it ideal for use in any architectural project or ephemeral architecture such as stands. Will you see cork stands at IFEMA MADRID fairs?


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