What cork fabric will you choose for your parquet?

Did you know that parquet flooring emerged in France in the 17th century? It is known that it was the alternative to marble floors due to the high maintenance cost. It was initially used to describe the long diagonal squares which stood in the Palace of Versailles in 1684. What cork fabric will you choose for your parquet?

Parquet is a floor made with natural wooden boards about 1 cm thick. Therefore, its width depends on the boards used. The parquet is installed to replace the existing floor. To do this, the subfloor must be removed and removed. In conclusion, it would stick to the ground, previously leveled so that it is completely smooth.

Instead, laminated flooring is a type of floor made of wood or materials that imitate wood. Its placement goes on top of the existing floor, so the floor is not removed, which is why it is called «floating» flooring. As a result, its installation is faster and easier.

In clonclusion, cork fabric for parquet or floating flooring is a product that is increasingly used for renovations and insulation. Its great success comes from the insulating, thermal, acoustic and ecological characteristics that other asphalt fabrics do not provide.

Low-density agglomerated cork rolls for sub-flooring are mainly used as an impact acoustic attenuator. Before laying the final flooring in a home (parquet, floating flooring, ceramics, wooden flooring, among others), the cork is installed on the floor and the chosen flooring on top.

The cork will prevent the noise of footsteps, heels or movements of chairs from moving to the lower floor. The usual thicknesses for this application range between 2 mm and 4 mm, depending on the characteristics of the home. It is important to bear in mind that the greater the thickness, the greater the acoustic attenuation.

The type of cork used has a high capacity and a high density. For this reason, you manage to gain a resistance and durability that is amortized in a short time. Our technical team will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have. A parquet floor that suits your home?


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