Uses of cork in buildings

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Cork can be used as a construction material due to its great capacity as a thermal insulator and achieves very high insulating properties, occupying a relatively small space compared to other ecological thermal insulators.

As everyone knows, cork is obtained from the bark of a tree called cork oak. The cork oak only thrives in seven Mediterranean countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, which total more than two million hectares. Spain, behind Portugal, ranks second in the world cork production ranking. You can ask us for technical assesor of cork to you sales buildingoption. And the regions that monopolize the cork oak landscape are: Andalusia, Extremadura and Catalonia.



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Solid Cork Board – The Home Depot.

Sheets of cork, also often the by-product of stopper production, are used to make bulletin boards as well as floor and wall tiles. Cork’s low density makes it a suitable material for fishing floats and buoys, as well as handles for fishing rods (as an alternative to neoprene)