Do you prefer ERTE, teleworking or cork office?

Did you know that cork was already known from the Roman Empire? They used it to cover the amphorae with a piece of cork oak bark wrapped in pitch or resin. Cork is an ecological Iberian product. Being a perfect bet since ancient times and over the years due to its different uses, it takes on special relevance today due to the constant increase in the different materials used in the construction and decoration of offices, for example. Do you prefer ERTE, teleworking or your cork office?


Today, there are many companies that want the well-being of their workers in their offices. Therefore, the range of options to achieve this is endless and we want to remind you of the thermal and climatic option. How many times have you disagreed with the temperature in your office? Better not remind yourself of the different views of the people who work in your office about whether to lower or raise the heating or air conditioning. We can solve this eternal «discussion» between colleagues and colleagues thanks to a natural and ecological material.

Do you prefer ERTE, teleworking or cork office?

Above all, the rise in cost from day to day, makes it necessary to consider other options than those usually used until now in the choice of materials. Without seeing a short-term solution, for example with the price of electricity, you know that there are other options to reduce your bill.

Better insulation thanks to cork will give you the opportunity to not depend on heaters or air conditioners when necessary. Similarly, this way you will get a reduction in the electricity bill. The comfort of cork will add to your well-being when the end of the month arrives.

termicork se protegen mutuamente los bunkers y el corcho

The low thermal conductivity and resistance to humidity of cork make it a good option for covering walls and floors. Cork is a very effective thermal and sound insulator that, in addition, has a very sustainable production and, once installed, requires very little maintenance. It can be marketed, for example, in panels, tiles, plates and rolls. In addition, it admits that it can be given a decorative use.

prefieres erte, teletrabajar o tu oficina de corcho

The advantage of cork is that as it is manufactured in the Iberian Peninsula, it will have a more agile transport since you will not have to wait for your construction material for your office from other more distant countries. We add to a lower pollution of our planet and as always we bet on ecological materials. Do you prefer ERTE, teleworking or your cork office?


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