Cork soundproof recording studios at Eurovision Song Contest?

From May 10 to 14, 2022, the long-awaited Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Turin (Italy). The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual television contest. In it, interpreters representing the television stations whose countries are members of the European Broadcasting Union participate.

This year, as in previous editions, Australia will be the guest with its representative Sheldon Riley (Not The Same). The candidacy of Spain dances this edition with the proposal of Chanel (SloMo). On the other hand, Russia has been disqualified by the current war situation.

And this year, will there be soundproof cork recording studios at Eurovision Song Contest?

Cork soundproof recording studios at Eurovision Song Contest? habrán estudios de grabación insonorizados de corcho en Eurovisión?

One of the great pleasures is listening to music alone or in good company. Songs that take us to different places where memories are eternal. The infinite compositions already created that we can enjoy and those that will be created in the future make the musical universe that surrounds us increasingly important.

But what happens when these melodies are still in the creation phase? You have to practice and practice until you get the song you are looking for.

Those of us who have had a musician as a neighbor know what we are talking about. It can become a nightmare depending on the different instruments. And let’s not forget that not everyone can have a big house to rehearse.

Our solution is to have a room specially prepared so as not to disturb our neighbors or our relatives.

CORCHO EXTREMADURA is already betting on improving insulation and also making the sound much better. We can design and manufacture plates with a personalized design to help the different notes of each instrument. These expanded cork plates have special densities for the different instruments.

The standard cork is already acoustic. However, when we talk about music professionals, logically excellence and personalization are sought. The objective is to improve the different notes of each instrument and of course that both the bass, the treble and the different sounds of the music and lyrics remain within our study.

For those of us who are music lovers, it is always a pleasure to hear both the music and the lyrics with perfect sound. So let’s see what option would be interesting for soundproof recording studios.

How to get a soundproof studio? Making a double wall is the most used option. Covering the wall with cork we will achieve the acoustic insulation for the recording studio that we are looking for. Do not forget that apart from soundproofing the walls, you can also soundproof the ceiling and the floor.

Cork can be used as a material for recording studios due to its great capacity as a thermal and acoustic insulator. It achieves very high insulating properties while occupying a relatively small space compared to other thermal and acoustic insulators.

The solution with cork for dampness, water and leaks

Of course, cork is a renewable ecological material. In addition, it allows the manufacture of cork panels bonded with the cork resin itself through a firing process. Depending on the type of panel, this process will be at a higher or lower temperature.

Cork panels are rigid so their placement is simple and practical. Thanks to this, the possibilities of errors in its placement and possible thermal and acoustic bridges are minimized.

Therefore, if you are thinking of using some type of acoustic insulation, remember the cork panel as a really smart option that is easy to install, waterproof and ecological. And this year, will Eurovision songs be recorded in soundproofed cork studios?


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