Do you prefer humidity or our cork solution?

It is often said that there are four types of humidity that can affect your home: accidental, caused by capillarity, condensation or filtration. Each of them will require a different treatment. Do you prefer humidity or our cork solution?

Today, we have the experience and collaboration of different laboratories to analyze humidity and condensation problems as well as solutions to this scenario. First of all, we have to understand why this situation occurs. Secondly, we have to find the most decisive and most economical solution.

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Thanks to our natural and ecological product, you do have an answer to this humidity problem. A positive conclusion that is born of nature itself. A fusion of the natural with the technological that, thanks to the experts, gives you the most interesting option to solve dampness in your home or business.

THERMICORK plates, known for their anti-dampness, are very suitable for covering and preventing dampness in constructions prone to it. The black expanded cork agglomerate, is a highly effective material in isolating the transmission of vibrations due to its elasticity. Also for its thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to its low coefficient of thermal conductivity.

GOTECORK, allows to absorb condensation thanks to its high density in cork grade. Ecological expanded paint insulation provides that highly efficient thermal adjustment that helps prevent humidity and high condensation that cause serious structural problems in our buildings.


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